I wonder if the day will come when I start a new blog post without a sheepish apology for the mega-lag time between posts. Perhaps when Toddler B is in college.

ANYHOO. As some of you may know, my new book, The Everything Parents Guide to Children with Executive Functioning Disorder,  just dropped! If you want to get your hands on a copy, now is your chance to win one for freeeeeeee! Perhaps you want a copy because you are a school psychologist looking for fresh recommendations for your kiddos with executive functioning challenges. Or you might be a parent who has a kiddo who could use some strategies. Or, perhaps you might have a friend or relative you want to give the book to, in an awkward holiday moment in which you basically imply he or she needs a book to help with their child. 😉 In any case, you want the book? It’s easy to win. You can either:

a) Comment in this post about why you want the book
b) Comment on the Facebook page for the blog about why you neeeeeeed the book.
c) Tweet @studentsgrow about why you want the book and use hashtag #schoolpsychology

Aaaaaaand go.

33 thoughts on “Win Nerdy Stuff!

  1. I would love this! As a school psych, I work with too many adhd kids with EF dysfunction and I need all the help I can get! I also am struggling with a middle schooler at home who needs me to organize him daily (as well as his father!) 😉 Your book would be such a help!

  2. I am on the same type of frequency for blog posts! I'd love to read your book and would probably use it every day. I work clinically as a school psychologist, and we joke that EF is an area of weakness for all our students and most of the staff (myself included). :)

  3. I NEEEEEED this book!!! This is an area where I am very limited in resources. I am looking for resources for my own review as well as to have on hand to share with parents. Thanks!!

  4. I NEED your book! Based on the blank stares I get around the table when I begin my EF recs, Im looking for a friendlier way to explain EF to parents and teachers :)

  5. I would love to win this book! Although my degree is in special education, I am now teaching 6th grade math in the general ed setting. As I'm sure you know, EVERY 6th grader has some issues with executive functioning as they transition to middle school. This book would be incredibly helpful to make me a more effective teacher, and make my students – ALL of my students – more successful learners!

  6. As a clinical psychologist in NYC, I often see kiddos with executive functioning issues. I'm always looking for a great resource to recommend to parents who are often confused by/unfamiliar with the idea of executive functioning. Pick me!

  7. I am a school psychologist at the high school level. I would love this book, especially if it can provide me with new ideas. I test and review many students who have executive functioning difficulties. This book would benefit me especially with those high school kids who have sat through meetings (and their parents) and have most likely heard the same thing over and over…this book may allow me to give them new ideas instead of continually saying….yup, organization may be a difficulty, planning ahead is challenging…yaddah yaddah

  8. I would love to add this book to my professional collection. I work at both the elementary and secondary level, and executive dysfunction can look totally different in these two age ranges. I would love to be armed with practical solutions and strategies that I can share with parents, teachers/staff, and students!

  9. Why do I want this book? Because like your other books, I'm sure it's a fantastic read and guide! And, because more and more I'm approached by teachers and parents with questions regarding EF. I need help so that I can better help them (not to mention our kiddos)!

  10. I want this book so much! I am completing my school psychology internship and I'm always looking for fresh new recommendations, especially for all the kids I work with who have executive functioning difficulties!

  11. I want this book so much! I am a school psychology intern and I am always looking for fresh new recommendations, especially for the kids I work with who have executive functioning difficulties. As a side note, I refer to your first book, The School Psychologist's Survival guide, weekly, and I find it really helpful!!

  12. I want this book because I am a first year school psychologist serving on the school improvement team at a school where none of the OHI (ADHD) students passed an end of grade test last year (It's a relatively small elementary school). I would really like as many resources as possible to help provide interventions to this population, but because I am in the first year of my career in NC (a state that seriously underfunds education), I am short on funds!

  13. Pick me! Pick me! I could use your book when developing recommendations for my reports-I'm a school psych with lots of reports to write!

  14. Hi!! I'm a school psychologist and I loved your previous book! This is my third year and i finally seem to be getting the hang of it, but my suggestions have become rather repetitive and I have the same schools so the same teachers so I really neeeeeed this book! 😀

  15. Contest still on?!
    I'm a teacher from Canada currently teaching primary years in London, England. I'm hoping to earn a degree a school psychology within the next few years. Always interested in reading some fresh material! :)

  16. I would love your book. I think I've devoured your entire website looking for things to help my 6 year old. I'm a kindergarten teacher, my husband is a fourth grade teacher so we could both utilize your strategies in our classroom as well. But my heart is with my child. He's got a long academic road ahead of him and I need all the help I can get. :)

  17. I would love, love, love this book. I am a 2nd year school psych grad student & am trying to compile resources for my internship year. I am broke as a joke and need all the help I can get in order to successfully help others! I own the School Psychologist's Survival Guide & really trust your insight. Thanks for all your hard work!

  18. I'm a second year School Psychologist, and I'm still shocked by how often I explain what Executive Functioning is, and what Executive Dysfunction looks like. Coming out of grad school, I thought this was common knowledge. Every time I describe this (which seems to be every other IEP meeting), I see the light bulb go off above the heads of the professionals I work with. I know I've described this in front of one of my principals about 6 times, and every time she looks like it's the first time I described it. "Oh yeeeeah!!!!! She DOES do that!!!! She DOES struggle with that!!!" Parents appreciate hearing,"They aren't being defiant when they…"
    I'd love this book to have even more resources and ideas to share with my teachers and parents.

  19. I am in the throes of parenting a 13 year-old with Executive Functioning Disorder! This is my S.O.S. signal out to the universe. We both need help as we are only just beginning this journey into middle and high school challenges.

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