Accommodation Letters

When seeking testing accommodations for high-stakes testing or standardized entrance exams (SAT/ACT/AP), you may already have all of the documentation you need and only existing information and a completed form by a qualified professional may be what you need. However, documentation and forms are specific to each testing agency and both forms and testing may be required. A consultation with our specialists can help you navigate the process.


Intake and Review of Documents: $399
Accommodation Letter: $499
New Psychoeducational Testing:  $4800-$6800
Additional Testing: $250/hr

*Recommendations for accommodations does not guarantee that you will receive those accommodations. Typically, each request is reviewed and accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the testing agency’s stated policies.
Know your dates and deadlines, as most testing agencies take several weeks to process your request for accommodations.