Executive Function Coaching

Get Executive Functioning Coaching from a Licensed School Psychologist

Get weekly, customized coaching to help your child earn the confidence and competence to excel

Does this sound familiar?

Enter Executive Functioning

What is Executive Functioning? 

Executive Functioning is fancy psychologist talk for the set of tools each of us uses every day to navigate our world with competence and confidence. I’ve identified the 10 key executive functioning skills. Sign up here to receive a free PDF and poster. 

What is Executive Functioning Coaching? 

With online coaching, we help your child master the 10 factors of executive functioning. But this isn’t simply a lecture or a tutoring session – we help each of our students apply the 10 key skills to their real life.  And, unlike other coaching programs, at Thriving Students you are guaranteed to work with a registered school psychologist – the best-trained professional to help your student turn hard work at home into success in the classroom. 

How does this work?

Please reach out to us using the orange “Contact Us” button below. One of our expert advisors will reach out to you within 1 business day to discuss your child’s needs. 

Generally, coaches meet with students twice weekly for 45 minutes session. During the session, we:

  • Introduce new executive functioning and coping skills
  • Go over what worked in the last week, and what challenges were faced
  • Make a plan for succeeding on the specific to-dos in the coming week

We send parents a session summary each week; we believe that parents working to amplify the lessons learned in coaching is a key to success. 

What Is Included in EF Coaching?

With every monthly subscription (starting at $899/month), your family gets access to:

  • 8 virtual coaching sessions (per month) with your child and your Thriving Students Coach
  • 1 parent feedback session (per month) with your Thriving Students Coach
  • One year FREE access to Thrive Hive TV, an all-in-one video streaming platform of “buzzyworthy” videos for parents to learn how to manage homework meltdowns (yours and theirs!) and boost executive functioning at home ($99 value!)