Coaching students to be independent learners.

Study Skills

When children go to school, we ask them to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways — orally, through tests, worksheets, and written assignments. Each of these evaluations will require specific skill-sets that are not often taught to students as a part of the core curriculum. Students who are deficient in these skills may have difficulty getting started on tasks, resist doing homework, or put off assignments until the last minute. Some students may have difficulty planning an appropriate strategy for studying, and some may have emotional reactions to their frustrations with studying.

Working with a Grow Educational Consultant coach will enable your child to understand that they have control over their own learning, and teach them how to develop their own Personal Learning Plan for success. Your consultant will be utilizing the latest neuropsychological research and principles of learning to tailor the student's plan to develop positive motivation, learn strategies for planning and checking learning, and develop good study skills.