Helping students reduce academic anxiety.


Test Taking

In the era of high-stakes testing, students are under more pressure than ever to improve their ability to adequately prepare for tests and feel confident in their abilities. Students need strategies on how prepare for tests, manage their study time, utilize their strategies during the test, and evaluate what worked and did not work. Working with Grow professional will help the student discover the most efficient and effective ways for him or her to approach different types of tests (e.g. essay, multiple-choice, standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, oral presentations).

Test taking can pose a particular struggle for students who display performance anxiety. Anxiety affects more than one third of all students, and has been found to worsen performance and affect academic-self esteem. Good preparation skills and anxiety-management strategies can help reduce performance anxiety. Working with a Grow professional will help empower students to use self-calming strategies, silence the worry thoughts, and promote positive and realistic thinking about tests. Ongoing consultation will allow for parents and teachers to learn more strategies to intervene appropriately with a student with academic anxiety.