Fostering independence, confidence, and social skills in the school community.


Life Skills Coaching for School-Aged Students (K-12)

Navigating friendships, relationships, and new social situations while balancing academic tasks can be challenging. Just a few life skills needed for school success are listening, following directions, asking for help, ignoring distractions, responding to teasing/bullying, setting goals, and coping with personal stressors. A Grow Professional coach takes a strengths-based approach to assisting the student develop specific life skills needed to promote healthy social development in the school setting.

Coaching provides the opportunity to teach through modeling, goal-setting, and practicing skills in real-world social situations. Ongoing collaboration with parents and teachers will be utilized in order for the student to transfer new skills to a variety of social settings outside of the classroom and school campus.

Life Skills Coaching for College Students

Transitioning from high school to college can be a time of both excitement and anxiety for adolescents and their parents. Specialized life coaching is available to support the student in anticipation of this life change. Sessions may include anticipatory guidance through campus visits, planning for new living situations, and anticipating transportation, academic, and social needs. Also, coaching is available for teaching money skills/budgeting, independent living skills, safety skills, and guidance around new relationships in college.