I’ve done it. I’ve overcome my fear of YouTube* and recorded a Podcast.

It took a special topic to get me from blogging to vlogging or whatever the cool kids call it. Please check out my appearance on The Urban Monk podcast talking about my new book, The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Raising Girls. Having two girls myself, I delved into the research on how to raise a confident girl and here’s a few of the topics we got into:

-Nature vs Nurture

-How I was a perfect parent before I had children

-Gender stereotypes that make their way into your toy box and vocabulary

-How to parent with intention and mindfulness

-The difference between attending to your child’s feelings and indulging your child

-How to teach your daughter media literacy

So sit back and enjoy my debut of “Girls will be Girls”!


*The technology! The Internet trolls! The outfit! The not being able to plan out exactly what I want to say, like I do on my blog! It’s a big step for me, but like I tell my students, trying something new is good for you! 😉

2 thoughts on “Girls will be Girls

  1. Hello. I’m a school psych in Illinois. I have a question for you as we are trying to figure out a game plan where I work. What is your procedure for junior high/high school reevaluations? Typically, most of our junior high and high school reevals are record reviews with no testing. We typically do not go to their meetings unless we are requested or we did testing. The teacher or IEP facilitator reviews our record review. How do you do the reevals? We go to all of our elementary reevals. Teachers are now requesting we attend all the reeval meetings and law does state their needs to be someone that can interpret the report. However, our record review reevals do not typically have a report…just a saw blurb about past cognitive testing.

    Thanks for any input as we are trying to come up with a plan.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      We had a policy where one could not do a record review twice in a row (e.g. if the child had a record review for the tri in 4th grade, I couldn’t do one for 7th grade, etc.). So I ended up doing a lot of full re-evals at the middle and high school level. If I did do a record review, I still attended the IEP to interpret the report. Hope that helps!

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